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     "I am a still life painter and my subject matter is usually fruit, but I sometimes include other objects to bring additional color and shape to the composition. I like painting fruit because it is a colorful natural form, and each piece of fruit is unique and can imply gesture and personality. Also, fruit is slowly but surely decomposing, making each painting a race against time in which I'm attempting to make a lasting record of something temporary."

     Trish Coonrod is a classically trained artist living and working in Ithaca NY. She grew up in Danvers, MA with 9 older siblings and has always loved to paint and draw. She majored in painting at Washington University in St. Louis, and The New York Academy of Art, where she graduated with honors in 1995. From 1996-2003 she was the lead painter in the studio of Jeff Koons.  In 2006 she moved to Ithaca with her husband and 2 children. Trish has been exhibiting her work for over 30 years and her work is in collections throughout the United States. She is represented by Principle Gallery in Alexandria VA, Fine Line Designs in Door County WI, and West End Gallery in Corning NY.